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Dee Ocleppo’s collection is made proudly in Italy, in specialized factories from Florence to Naples

Artisans are the heart and soul of the factory floor.

Driven by a passion for shoemaking, each trains for months, if not years, as an apprentice, honing and refining his particular craft over time. With time comes expertise, with passion comes creativity - our team in Italy knows that making the best product in the world takes commitment and care.

It takes a village

The Dee Ocleppo collection came to life thanks to our dedicated production team in Italy. With headquarters in Milan, the country’s vibrant fashion capital, the team worked tirelessly to bring on board only the very best shoe and handbag factories, each family-owned and highly-specialized in luxury product.

Dee Ocleppo’s collection is made proudly in Italy, in specialized factories from Florence to Naples. The country’s leather artisans are renowned as the finest in the world - and with good reason. The secrets of fine shoemaking and leather work are passed from generation to generation and honed over the course of decades, with a high level of specialty and immense attention to detail.

Italy’s factories create the most beautiful and luxurious leather goods

These factories create goods for the most respected designers and maisons in the world, from Paris to London to New York. Shoemaking in Italy is a family affair. The foremost factories are family-owned, and traditions and skills are held close, passed from father to son over the course of generations.

Italians’ passion for handcrafting leather is unmatched and their access to the finest materials in the world unparalleled. Working hand-in-hand with factory owners and artisans, Dee Ocleppo and her team in Italy are pleased to bring to you a diverse, in-season collection of shoe and handbag styles for the modern woman.